My illustration, cartoon, sketch, doodle and drawing  ink pen review – Mes feutres de dessins… by am+ #sketch #pen #artist #ink #drawing #art #felttippen in #sketchbook or am+ is an art project.
So what are
the tools I use when doing those drawings, illustrations, cartoons, doodles and sketches on notepads and sketchbooks ? Which ink pen, felt tip pen and permanent markers are my preferred graphic tools ? Here’s a quick review of the best ones.

I use mainly permanent markers and felt tip ink pen for drawing, illustration, cartoon, doodle and sketch in my notepad and sketchbook, but not only. These are easy, not dirty, quick to dry. I keep them on my dining table all the time, and can take them on when travelling by train, or work in other’s clean home. They never leak. Most of the one I buy are permanent markers. I try every one I can find.
The line is strong and can’t be diluted by the water from some other color pen. So they’re a good choice for me.

all my illustration, cartoon, sketch, doodle and drawing ink pen review for notepad and sketchbook - tous mes feutres pour le dessin rapide sur carnet - am+ or am+ art project
Let’s go for the black

My two preferred markers to begin with :

• the Staedtler permanent Lumocolor Duo 348-9  M & F nib (I only use the big M end, but it’s more than M size, it’s really big for a pen sized marker, similar to the Sharpie). It’s strong, the felt tip never wares out. It can draw broad and fine, like a brush, but hard. And it’s refillable ! I bought online a bottle of ink (Lumocolor® permanent marker refill station) and filled it back up four times already, which is cool and durable.

• the Schneider Maxx 224M universal permanent marker. The nib is smaller, but very nice for smaller pages too. Flows well, stays precise for long. Cool.

• The Sharpie permanent marker follows very near behind. The nib is stiff, precise and flows well. I don’t like the cap (that I open and close quite often), but it’s no big deal. It is in any case much nicer to draw with than the Bic permanent marker (design has changed, so maybe the inside may have too).

• Then I’ve got two Alcohol solvant based grey markers. They’ve just changed names. They were Letraset ProMarker, but are now labelled Winsor &Newton ProMarker. I took the Cool grey version, the CG2 and CG3. I use them just for the shadows. They have two different sizes of nibs, which is good. They’re really usefull. A black shadow would be too much. They give a good ground reference.

• But there’s much more than that. A fine pen that’s very special to me is the Mitsubishi Uni Sign Pen, the black one with a golden ring. It’s line is so precise and stays very fine as long as you behave very gently, it’s a dream. All of my fine line live sketches in my little creamy Daler Rowney sketchbook are made with these. It was a great discovery !

• the Pilot V sign Pen with liquid ink has been a long time favorite, along with the Mitsubishi Uni Prockey, although I seldom use the latter these days. It’s perfect for marking on packets and so on, because it’s permanent, but not solvant based, so it lasts longer. But the line is not as smooth as the alcohol markers I use now.

• I was disappointed by the the Staedtler Lumocolor permanent 317 M. It is refillable, which is a great point (although the two from the same family use different bottles :(, But the felt tip is fragile and after pressing on the ink bottle’s felt, it became round and soft as a brush, loosing all its sharpness, which is really not something you would want from a pen. So I have a full bottle, that I try to use with other (of course incompatible) pen.

• I very much preferred the Stabilo permanent OHPen Universal M, which is very smooth to use for small cartoon drawings.

• I’ve got some other black fine that I dont really tried extensively yet…

my black pen - mes feutres noirs - am+
my Stabilo pen – mes feutres Stabilo - am+ or am+ art project
Live in bright color with Stabilo

I love my Stabilo highlighting markers :

Apart from the classic fluorescent yellow, which is to unreal and flashy for my drawings, every Stabilo highlighting marker finds its use in some drawings. Stabilo Outliners & Highlighters look great on my sketches. I particularly appreciate the Luminator series, cause they flow like mad.

Of course overall there are a bit too much in term of color brightness for traditional drawings. But mine are no traditional drawings  and those fluorescent Stabilo colors are true enough to illustrate those feelings that I sometimes illustrate.

What’s more, they’ve just issued a line of pastel Stabilo highlighters that change the game ! or am+ art project
Orange and red are the new black

Orange and red are often great partners for a black illustration. They are great at showing emotions and life.

• I’ve discovered the great Pilot V Super Color refillable markers. They are broad, flow generously, and give you a very regular surface, due to its alcohol solvant base.

• For smaller detail I like the Pentel Sign Pen. Its orange is particularly happy.

• I’m also very fond of my 0.38mm extra fine Muji red ballpen, although I appreciate the strengh of my red Pilot G-1 ballpen (well apparently eol’ed and replaced by the G2 line) that I’ve been using for long.

• and last, I’ve chosen four refillable Caran d’Ache brush pen (the felt tip one). They’re great because they really don’t leak at all and are filled up with my preferred vivid Colorex ink. This allows me to try some watercolor effect on the go, with a minimal equipment, or brings a more natural gesture when needed.

my orange and red pen – mes feutres orange et rouge - am+

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