art, sketch and birds… by am+ #portrait #pen #sketch #stroke #notebook #bird #birds #oiseau #am+ or am+ is an art project, full of people and birds, picturing our lives, feelings and struggle.

This is the bird section.

Let me tell you about the birds.

Birds represent my pure dream: being able to fly, in the same way that we are able to dive and swim.

They also are the most ubiquitous animals. They are almost everywhere, even on remote sterile islands. They even live amongst humans, sharing the space of our hostile cities, while being quite unapproachable. We can easily watch them live, love, breed, fight and enjoy just being there.
And it sometimes seems like they’re observing us in return, and they do well, to a point that some are able to speak our words. This is a cool mirror effect.

What’s more, they can act as real dandys. Most dare wearing extravagant outfits, showing they have no fear to shine in the sunlight.

Here they are !