art, sketches, french illustration, birds and more… by am+ #sketch #artist #ink #singleline #art #bird #crab or am+ is an art project, full of people and birds, picturing our lives, feelings and meetings.

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Hi ! I’m Alexis / am+, graphic artist from France. Here’s my day to day artwork.

I draw pen sketches in notebooks, with a strong or a slender black line, plus a touch of vivid color or a phrase. I like to draw birds, and explore men / women / couple relations, or insights that get through our silent minds. I also enjoy doing quick live portraits.
Sometimes happy, sometimes less, we all live, grow, get wiser or worse, encountering the same situations again and again, but seeking for moments of joy and lightness that make it worth living. I like to depict those moments when we may look quiet, but feel intensely.  >> Read more

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